“Beary Sweet” Prepares To Sprinkle The World With Sweetness


144 (12 dozen) plush bears are being passed by hand and mail with the goal to brighten the days of as many people as possible 

April 15, 2015 – Delray Beach, FL - Brandberry is on a mission to “Sprinkle The World with Sweetness” with their new brand Beary Sweet. They’re giving away 12 dozen (144) bears, some to people they know and some to complete strangers. Their main request is that the recipients only keep the bears for three days. From there they should pass or mail them to someone they care about, or someone in need.  They are referring to this act as getting “sprinkled”. Each bear is numbered, so that people can follow their bear’s journey once it leaves their hands. The ONLY way someone can keep the bear is if they truly need it – a kid in the hospital, someone who suffered an unimaginable loss, etc.

“It’s easy to get so busy with life that you forget about the little things that make it so beautiful,” said Ashley Mady, creator of Beary Sweet and founder of Brandberry.  “Now imagine the feeling of getting a bear hug from someone you love or taking a bite of your favorite dessert - we want to bottle that up and pass it along through our bears.”

Mady and her team are inviting all recipients to share the story, of who they are giving their Beary Sweet bear to – or – how receiving this beary sweet surprise brightened their day, by using the hashtag #bearysweet. They are also posting ideas on social media about how you can get involved in the movement, even if you don’t receive a Beary Sweet bear.  

 About Brandberry
Brandberry Inc. is a Florida based brand licensing agency and creative house with a diverse portfolio of brands. Founded in the spring of 2009 by Ashley Mady, Brandberry handles the licensing for big names like The Wiggles and also develops proprietary brands including Scanimalz™, Rock Candy Girl™, POP! Fortune™ and Beary Sweet™.

Visit www.brandberry.com and the company on both Facebook and Twitter.